Ultimate Packing Supplies Guide for a Stress-Free Move

packing boxes

Packing up your belongings and moving to a new home can be a stressful and an overwhelming task. One of the keys to a successful move is proper planning and organization, and that includes having the right packing supplies on hand.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the types of packing supplies you’ll need, how many boxes you’ll likely use, and the cost of these supplies.

How Many Packing Boxes Do I Need?

When it comes to boxes, the number you’ll need will depend on the size of your home and the number of items you have to pack. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to have at least a dozen boxes on hand. This will give you enough to pack up your kitchen, living room, and a few bedrooms. If you have a larger home or more items to pack, you may need more boxes.

When it comes to packing supplies, there are a few essential items you will require:

  • Boxes: As mentioned above, you’ll need cardboard boxes of various sizes to pack up your belongings.
  • Packing tape: You’ll use this to seal up your boxes and keep your items secure during the move.
  • Bubble wrap: It’s useful to protect fragile items like dishes and glassware.
  • Furniture pads: These are great for protecting large items like couches, armchairs, and other furniture pieces during the move.
  • Markers and labels: You’ll need these to name your boxes and keep track of what’s inside.
  • Furniture covers: These are great for protecting your furniture from environmental factors such as dirt and debris.
  • Butcher paper: Great for wrapping and protecting your items before placing them in boxes

Where to Buy Packing Supplies?

StoreLocal’s Box Shop has everything you need to make your move hassle-free. The convenience of buying supplies on-site is that you can pick them up when you need them.

Finally, when it comes to the amount of packing supplies needed per unit size, it really depends on how much you have to pack. A small storage unit may only require a few boxes and some tape, while a large unit may require dozens of boxes and furniture pads. The best way to determine how much you’ll need is to take an inventory of your belongings and plan accordingly.

Overall, moving house is a big task but with the right packing supplies and a little bit of planning, it can be manageable. Make sure to have enough boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture pads, dollies, and markers to get the job done. And lastly, take an inventory of your belongings so you know the number of packing supplies you’ll need for your move.