Use Self Storage To Pursue Your Hobby

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Use Self Storage To Pursue Your Hobby


Are you running out of room for your hobbies at home? Whether you’ve mastered the craft of oil painting, restore vintage cars or have taken to making the most beautiful scrapbooks, StoreLocal Kembla Grange has self storage options to suit your hobby! Reclaim your guest room, study or garage and store all your hobby tools and supplies at StoreLocal.

StoreLocal Kembla Grange has a large variety of self storage units that are the perfect solutions for your hobby needs. Create your own art studio storage, woodworking storage and so much more  — the possibilities are endless! With 24/7 access to your own storage unit, you will be able to grab your supplies or work away at your hobby whenever the mood strikes!

Just recently we have had the brilliant Rodney Highgate use his self storage unit to restore clocks for his customers, check his story out below!

Like Rodney, if you’re in need of a workshop space without the costly rent, we can organise a storage unit that works for your hobby or small business. With your own blank canvas of space, you can set up your work bench, shelving, organise the tools of your trade and make it your very own space. You call the shots of your own hobby hours without having to worry about time constraints placed upon your space by your storage facility.

If you’re looking to store your works in progress or even set up the most efficient hobby shop, there is a little bit of planning and preparation involved to make sure that your creations stay in the best condition. Opening up your world of possibilities for your hobby can be an exciting time. Who doesn’t love organisation and a dedicated workspace for something you love doing? The key to making the most of your hobby storage is to keep your unit functional and organised. Our box shop has plenty of different sized boxes to help you with storing your knick knacks as well as help organise your various tools and supplies. You could also consider putting in shelving with clear tubs or bags to help quickly identify what you need without rummaging through heavy boxes. 

Some things to consider before you start using self storage for your hobbies:

  1. Take stock of your inventory – do you have large speciality tools that are only used occasionally? Are there items that can be discarded? Your storage unit should be organised and easily accessible to make the most of your time so it is good to know what is going to be stored in there. 
  2. Shop around for quotes on unit sizing that you require. If you are not entirely sure, our friendly team is more than happy to help with a custom quote. Give us a call today!
  3. Decide whether your storage shed needs drive up access – this will come in handy if you have big sporting equipment or large specialty tools to store. 
  4. Your hobby essentials, business supplies and tools might be fragile but they are definitely valuable – make sure you choose a suitable insurance policy to cover your goods while they are being stored.  

Has your hobby turned into a small side business? Your storage unit can be helpful for storing your business supplies as well! With everything in one place – think craft supplies, tools, packaging materials, business cards or signs – you won’t have to worry about digging around your garage. The last thing you need before heading off to the markets with your handmade goods is to be searching high and low for your banner or business cards. Keeping it simple will provide you with peace of mind as well as balance between your business and home life.

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At StoreLocal Kembla Grange, we understand how important your hobby is to you and that access to doing what you love is vital. Enjoy 24/7 access to your storage shed in our safe, secure and clean facility. With our Right Size Guarantee, you won’t pay for space you don’t need, ensuring that your hobby storage is the right place for you. Contact the friendly team at Kembla Grange today for your free storage quote and get started on your new workspace for your hobby.