Why Self Storage Units are Great For Tradies

Tradesman looking at tools in his shed.

Tradie Self Storage Newmarket

Home Storage in Newmarket & Surrounds Simply Doesn’t Work For Tradies

“Oh Steve, could you move the Camira? I need to get the Torano out, so I can get to the Commodore.” Darryl Kerrigan, The CastleIf you’re a tradie working in and around Newmarket or Ashgrove, and you’ve been storing gear in the garage at home, you can probably relate to the agony beneath the humour of this classic quote from the iconic Aussie film, The Castle

Why? Well, assuming your rellies and housemates are like the majority of us, they probably enjoy parking their cars inside and/or in front of your garage. That can really cramp your storage space and create havoc when you want to retrieve your tools and equipment. Every time you need something—especially a big something, such as a generator or compressor—you have to go through a whole rigmarole, just to get it out of the garage and loaded onto your ute. This takes time and could cause you to arrive late at your worksite.

What’s more, the oil, car emissions, dirt, and grime that accumulate in the garage, combined with the high temperatures and humidity that often occur in Queensland garages, will damage and corrode tools and equipment. What you need is safe secure storage in Newmarket where your tools and equipment will be protected from damage and theft.

Vans, Utes & Trailers Don’t Provide Adequate Storage For Tradies Either

So, home storage in Newmarket doesn’t work. What about storing things in your van, ute or trailer? Well, if you’ve tried this approach you probably know that it comes with its own struggles.

Firstly, it’s hard to find enough space in your vehicle to store all the gear you need. Things tend to get jammed on top of each other, making it hard to find the things you’re after. Plus, you could wind up damaging costly tools and equipment if they’re packed too tightly or collide with each other while you drive.

Secondly, with everything stashed in your work vehicle, you’re probably lugging around a lot of equipment that you don’t really need. This adds to your fuel bill and the wear and tear on your workhorse.

Most concerning of all is the fact that, if your vehicle gets stolen, all your valuable tools and machinery go with it. This can impact your ability to do your job, business continuity breaks down, clients get cranky, your good name suffers, and the runaround getting quotes and chasing insurance claims is enough to drive you mad. 

Now you’re probably thinking, yeah, yeah, I know all of this, but what’s the answer? Where can I find a storage unit in Newmarket or Ashgrove for my tools and equipment that’s safe, secure, easily accessible, and provides protection, not only from the elements by also from pests and theft? 

Read on, it’s easier than you think.

Tradies Looking for Secure Storage in Newmarket & Ashgrove

If you’re one of the many tradies searching for storage in Newmarket or Ashgrove, StoreLocal Newmarket has the ideal self storage solution to suit your needs.

StoreLocal Self Storage Newmarket is Great For Tradies

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you join the growing number of tradies in and around Newmarket and Ashgrove who are making use of StoreLocal’s state-of-the-art storage facility in Newmarket to store all types of tools and equipment. 

Conveniently Located Storage in Newmarket & Surrounds

Now, if you’re wondering whether having your gear locked up in some storage facility is going to make running your business difficult, you can rest easy! 

The central location of our Newmarket storage facility means that, whether you need self storage in Newmarket, Ashgrove or anywhere in the surrounding areas, you’ll have no dramas getting to your storage unit. 

StoreLocal Newmarket is conveniently located on Finsbury St in Newmarket. We’re just three blocks away from Enoggera Rd and under 3 km from Lutwyche Rd. Plus, we’re only minutes away from Windsor, Herston, Kelvin Grove, Red Hill, Ashgrove, Alderley, Grange, The Gap and Bardon.

Secure Access to Your Self Storage Unit 24/7

At StoreLocal Newmarket, you’ll be able to respond promptly to customer emergencies—no matter when they occur. 

Our secure electronic access system allows you to safely enter our Newmarket self storage facility, retrieve whatever you need from your unit, and leave again at any time of the day or night. 

Plenty of Space for All Types of Equipment

Need storage in Newmarket? Whether you’re an independent contractor, a business owner with a host of tradies working for you, or anywhere in between, you’ll find the ideal self storage solution to house your tools, equipment, machinery, and vehicles at our secure Newmarket storage facility. 

Choose from a wide range of custom-fitted & powered self storage units

Our secure units start from 1.5 m x 1.5 m sheds that are ideal for storing hand tools and light power tools. Even in these extra small units, you’ll have more space than you could ever get in the back of your work vehicle. Plus, you can customise your unit so all your gear is stored just the way you like it.

Need a little more room? No problem, our range of small units (1 m x 2.5 m, 3 m x 1.5 m, 1.5 m x 3 m, and 2 m x 3 m) are great for slightly bigger equipment such as plate compactors and cement mixers. 

We also offer a range of medium (3 m x 3 m, 4.5 m x 3 m) and large (2.5 m x 7.5 m, 3.5 m x 7.5 m) storage units that, in addition to storing tools, equipment and light machinery, can also be used as workshops. This is particularly convenient for tradies who want to manufacture or assemble items away from the worksite. 

Mini warehouses are also available where tradies in Newmarket and surrounds can safely store everything they need to get the job done, including tools, equipment, delivery vehicles and heavy machinery. So, you’ll be able to run your entire operation from our storage in Newmarket.  

Aside from having more than enough space to keep your tools properly maintained, organised and ready for use, the great thing about StoreLocal self storage in Newmarket is that you’ll be able to scale up to a larger unit as your business grows.

Unsure what size unit you need?

Use our Space Calculator to get an estimate or call us on (07) 3352 7454 to discuss your specific requirements. We’ll help you find a customised storage solution, and, with our Right Size Guarantee, you never pay for space you don’t need! 

Vehicle Storage in Newmarket

Need space for more than just tools and light equipment? No worries at all. Our large self storage units, mini-warehouses and outdoor vehicle storage sites are ideal for storing 

  • Work vans
  • Utes
  • Trucks, tipper trucks & dump trucks
  • Trailers 
  • Excavators and buckets
  • Skid steers
  • Tracked loaders
  • Water carts
  • Articulated front loaders
  • Post hole augers (PTO tractor-driven, single, two-person and cantilever augers)
  • Trenching machines, and much more. 

Ready to set up your self storage in Newmarket? Book your unit online today or get in touch with our friendly team on (07) 3352 7454. We’ll help you get the best deal available.

Increased Lifespan of Tools & Machinery

tradie tools in a pile

As mentioned earlier, storing tools and equipment in your home garage, garden shed, van, ute or trailer exposes them to damaging dirt, dust, and grime—not to mention the harsh Queensland weather! 

These elements combined take a heavy toll on even the best of tools, reducing their lifespan and costing you time and money every time you need to replace them. 

Fortunately, you can avoid unnecessary downtime due to malfunctioning equipment by storing your gear in one of the clean, weatherproof, pest-controlled self storage units available at our Newmarket self storage facility.

Book your unit online or get in touch with the friendly team at StoreLocal Newmarket today to get the best deals and storage options for you. Call us on (07) 3352 7454.

Protection against theft & vandalism

When it comes to finding a secure place to store your tools, equipment, vehicles, and machinery, you can’t beat StoreLocal’s Newmarket self storage facility. 

Our entire site is fenced off and only accessible via an electronic security gate. Floodlights cover the site so loading and unloading at night are safe and hassle-free. Plus, we offer round-the-clock surveillance, and regular lock checks, and the entire site is monitored by our state-of-the-art CCTV security system. 

All our storage units are individually locked and fitted with burglar and fire alarms, so you’re confident your tools and machinery are stored safely and securely.

Workshop Space

If you’re after more than just a safe convenient place to store your gear and would like the added benefit of having your own space in which to work, we’ve got you covered. 

With power, lighting and WIFI available, we’ve got everything you need to run your tradie business and carry out repairs, servicing or manufacturing on our Newmarket self storage facility. 

To get started with storage in Newmarket, simply select whatever size unit suits your requirements from the wide range of storage units available and customise it to create the workshop you’ve always wanted. Plus with our convenient 24/7 electronic access system, you can use your workshop any time you need to.

Book your unit online or call us on (07) 3352 7454 to get the best deals on storage in Newmarket and its surrounds.

Bottom line?  We’ve got the secure, clean, protected storage space you need to store whatever you need to get the job done.

So, if you’re a tradie looking for storage in Newmarket, Ashgrove, and surrounds, book your unit online today or call us on (07) 3352 7454. The friendly team at StoreLocal self storage in Newmarket will help you find your ideal storage solution.