Storing Your Musical Instruments At Busselton

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Storing Your Musical Instruments At Busselton

Whether you’ve just downsized and don’t have the room for your musical instruments at the moment, or your housemates aren’t the biggest fan of the drum kit taking up residence in your lounge room, we’ve got a storage solution that will suit your needs!

Here at StoreLocal Busselton, we are committed to making your storage experience hassle-free. Our up-to-date security features, and 7-day access means you can store all your valuable musical instruments and equipment without a worry!

To give you the tips and tricks on storing your musical instruments in Busselton, we’ve listed some of our best advice below. No matter the storage duration, preparing your instruments for storage goes a long way. After all, you want to be able to hit that beat or nail that riff without making your family and friends question your future career in the music industry.

Using a self storage unit can be handy for a whole myriad of reasons. Whether you’re sick of using the garage to store your instruments or don’t have the room for sound equipment at your current place of business, StoreLocal Busselton has the solution for you. You know your needs better than anyone and we’re here to help — Our Right Size Guarantee means you only pay for the space you use — ensuring not only that you are saving on cost, but also find the perfect amount of space.

Now that we have sorted out all the loose accessories for your musical instruments, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of preparing your items for storage. Are you more into string instruments? Or maybe your music business carries more acoustic and electric guitars than it does drums or percussion instruments. Storing your string instruments for the long-term requires a bit more work than just popping them into their case and leaving them in your storage unit. For instance, loosening the strings will help ensure the neck of your string instrument won’t warp while it’s in storage.

Here are our general tips for all your musical equipment:

  • Clean, clean, clean! We cannot stress this enough. Pre-existing dust and skin oils transferred from your fingers while you’re strumming that guitar can damage your strings and cause rust build up. Use a special microfibre cloth from a music store for the safest results. Got a brass instrument? Give that baby a bath in some warm soapy water and leave to dry — don’t forget an internal cleaning kit for all those hard to reach places!
  • Use hard cases where possible. If you are storing your instrument for a long time, use acid-free tissue paper between the instrument and the case to avoid damaging the finish over time;
  • Disassemble your brass instruments and loosen the skins on your drum kit to avoid them over-stretching while they’re in storage; and
  • Use padding for delicate instruments, such as towels to cover up a drum kit or bubble wrap around piano legs and pedals. Scratches and scuffs are generally a part of moving, but that doesn’t mean your precious instruments need to suffer from them too!

Have you got something other than musical instruments to store? Your self storage unit can also be the perfect place to keep your massive vinyl record collection safe. What used to just be the standard way to listen to music has seen a huge comeback over the last few years with Millennials now listening to mum and dad’s old records, but even modern day artists are choosing to release albums in this medium too. With the resurgence of the mighty vinyl, we also need to cover how to keep these treasures safe (whether that’s in a storage unit or in your very own home!).

  1. Remove dust and fibres with a clean microfibre cloth or use a special anti-static record-cleaning brush. This ensures that the needle won’t catch on anything when you next go to play your tunes;
  2. Always store your vinyl records vertically, never lay them flat as you risk warping them. Avoid storing them on an angle either as gravity will eventually bend your record. You can purchase special boxes with grooves to slot your records into to ensure maximum safety; and
  3. Store your records somewhere dark and dry. Light exposure won’t just damage the album cover but will eventually damage your record, leading to warped sounds or unplayable records.

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