Trade Storage in Ellenbrook

Trade storage ellenbrook

Trade Storage in Ellenbrook

Owning a trade business can get busy and you don’t want the hassle of storing all of your supplies in your vehicle. Let’s face it, sometimes the tray of the ute or the roof racks don’t provide enough storage for all the tools you carry. Your ute isn’t always the safest place to keep these valuable items either, and we all know tools aren’t cheap! Well, we’ve got the solution for you! Formerly known as Broadway Storage, StoreLocal Ellenbrook offers a variety of storage units perfect for storing all your tools. Having your own storage unit for your business doesn’t just free up space in your vehicle, it also allows your business to have a central place for your workmates to stop in and grab tools on their way to a job. That sweet, sweet 24/7 access also means that you can come and collect your supplies whenever you need them and don’t have to worry about closing times while you’re busy finishing up your own work. With our Right Size Guarantee, we also ensure that you’re never paying for space that you’re not using.

Storing Your Tools At StoreLocal Ellenbrook



With a central location like StoreLocal Ellenbrook, located just five minutes from Ellenbrook Central, your new tool storage shed is easy to access and affordable. By renting the right sized storage shed, you can kit out your makeshift warehouse to ensure your tool storage works for you. Storage shelving, tool boxes and kits or hangers are perfect additions to your storage unit to maximise the space and keep everything organised. There’s even a few creative ways to play around with the storage within your public self storage unit, like using cutlery drawers to sort your tools! Check out some clever ways to organise your tools here.

Storing your tools might sound like the easiest thing in the world, but there’s a bit of preparation involved to make sure your tools stay in top shape and there’s no risk nasty surprises, like rust. Ensuring your tools and accessories have been properly cleaned, dried and packed away is fundamental to the longevity of your tools while they’re being stored away. Once cleaned, it is always a good idea to use machine oil or spray lubricant on a soft cloth to ensure the metal parts of your equipment are protected from dust and rust.

Prepping Your Tools For Self Storage

Whether your tools are going into one of our storage units for the long or short term, you want to keep them in good condition. You might also want to share these tips with your workmates to make sure that everything stays the way you left it! We’ve scoured the internet for you to find the best advice for long or short term storage and found a few handy tips.

Here’s how to access self storage and prep all your equipment for the best results while in storage.

  1. Give every single tool and accessory the best clean it has ever had. If your tools are going to be coming in and going out on daily jobs, this won’t be applicable to you. 
  2. A good clean ensures all plaster, dirt and moisture is removed and leaves your tools at less risk of rusting. 
  3. Clean the tools with a damp rag and if you have any particularly stubborn spots, a small amount of vinegar will help break this up. 
  4. Use a clean cloth to dry each part thoroughly to ensure there is no moisture remaining on any section of the tools.
  5. Lubricate all the metal parts of the tools generously. Need more tips? Check out this blog for an in depth look at preparing your tools. 
  6. Tools all clean and prepped? Now it’s time to find a storage facility that meets your needs. StoreLocal Ellenbrook has a large variety of storage unit sizes to make sure you can store all of your tools, click here to book online.

Your friendly team at StoreLocal Ellenbrook will be able to assist you in finding the right sized unit for your tools and equipment. Once you have reserved your storage shed and moved in, you can enjoy 24/7 access to a secure, clean and professional storage facility. Workmates need access? No worries at all! By providing your own padlock, you control who has access to the storage unit at all times. It also makes it super easy to swing by and pick up necessary supplies before heading off to a job for the day. Need storage items within your shed? Our box shop also provides handy packaging supplies to ensure your tools are kept together and protected from scratches and bumps.

At StoreLocal Ellenbrook, we value your time and that is why we have made the process of organising your storage unit as simple as possible. You are the expert on what tools and equipment you need to store and how that looks for your business, which is why our online booking system makes it easy. You can choose your own storage shed size according to your needs and fill in all the information required from the comfort of your own space. If you have specific storage requirements, call us at (08) 6120 0000 and we’ll help you find a customised solution.