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Declutter Your Home Office – StoreLocal Narre Warren

Working from home has become a normal part of life for a lot of Australians. The actual “working” part of working from home is generally pretty simple, but not every space is equipped to turn into the ideal home office.

That’s where StoreLocal Narre Warren can help! We have a variety of different sized self storage units available to suit your needs, whether it be storing away your adult children’s childhood memories, tucking away the Christmas decorations until next December, or clearing out the spare bedroom temporarily to serve as a new home office. An organised workspace can inspire you and create an environment to promote productivity but, even aside from that, having your home office decluttered and ready for your workday just boasts all the good vibes. 

Declutter Your Home Today

We know how busy you are and how important your time is, which is why we have created a simplified approach to booking your storage unit with us. Click here to reserve your unit within minutes — you can do it on your phone while you wait for your morning coffee, it’s that simple! If you’re unsure how to approach self storage, we’ve got you covered. Give our team a call today and we can customise a quote to suit your business needs. From smaller unit sizes to a single garage, we’ll find the right storage space for you. 

Believe us when we tell you that we love storage and organisation. Our box shop attests to that! With a large variety of box sizes available, this is a great starting point to help declutter your home office. You can use this organisation method not only for your personal belongings, but also your professional clutter. Working from home can be great (and comfy!), but it can also mean that items you use for work can start taking over your living spaces. Paperwork, receipts, stock, ledgers all start piling up, so it’s important to have some sort of system in place.

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Every job is different, which means working from home can look like an entirely different experience to the next person. Do you have lots of business inventory being redirected to your home? Do you need a place to store retail stock or packaging materials? A self storage unit can also assist you with a dedicated workspace to package and ship customer orders. All you need is a bench surface or desk and voila, you have your very own cost effective small business workroom which can help keep your home office and living areas decluttered. 

Some businesses are making the transition from working in a dedicated office to working from home permanently. If this is you, a self storage unit might be the easiest way to keep those huge filing cabinets with important documents out of your home and still be accessible and secure. Only pay for what you use with our Right Size Guarantee and let StoreLocal Narre Warren help you find the perfect unit to suit your working from home needs.