Storing Your Sport Equipment At Sunshine

Overloaded suburban garage. Boxes, coolers, sporting gear and more.

Storing Your Sport Equipment At Sunshine

Fancy a spot to store all your racquets, football or boxing equipment? We’ve got just the solution for you! Whether you’re hanging up the gloves for the season, storing your fishing gear for the winter months or just need somewhere other than an overflowing corner of the garage to store your sporting goods, StoreLocal Sunshine can assist you in finding the perfect storage unit. From boxes to organise your equipment such as balls, team uniforms or accessories, to large storage units for the big ticket items like transportable goal posts, sport equipment storage is the way forward for you this off-season.

You might be the coach of the local football team or you could be dedicated to your weekend golf, whatever your involvement looks like in sports we have the right size storage solution for you. Clear the clutter around the house and keep the garage clear by having your own dedicated space for your sporting goods. Have you got pitch equipment, boundary markers or extra team jerseys that need a home? With our online box shop, you can choose what suits your needs best to organise the equipment you have. With our Right Size Guarantee, you can be sure that you’re only paying for what you need. From basic locker storage to big units for large equipment, we have you covered. 

Before you start your self storage journey, there are a few things to consider with your equipment, particularly when you live in Sunshine, Victoria. We want to make sure your equipment stays in tip-top shape for when you want to pick up the clubs again or score your next goal, which means there’s a bit of preparation involved for your sporting goods. To get the ball rolling (pun intended) on your sport equipment storage, we have prepared some handy tips for you.

Preparing Your Sport Equipment For Storage

Proper cleaning and maintenance is required for your equipment to make sure everything remains in working order. This is especially important in items where moisture may lurk and the potential for mold is a very real risk — think boxing gloves, nobody wants to put their hands into one of those crusty boys after improper care. No thanks! So let’s take a look at what you can do to prevent any damage. 

  • Avoid the nasty smells and potential moldy growth in your boxing or cricket gloves by giving them a good clean prior to packing them away for the season. Use a soft bristled brush to gently scrub away the sweat, dirt and grass stains. A leather conditioner is also a fantastic idea, but only use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Baking soda is a fantastic way to absorb nasty odours. Just sprinkle some into your gloves or onto your pads and let it work its magic! 
    • Storing a cricket bat? A bit of linseed oil spread over the bat with a soft, clean cloth will ensure your bat doesn’t loose moisture and start to crack in storage. Always make sure the bat is clean before oiling for best results.
  • Are you an avid cyclist but don’t have the room to store your bike? Or maybe just taking a break from the wheels? Storing your bike is super easy but requires just a little bit of preparation. Strip the bike down to the frame and replace anything that might be a little worse for wear. Give the bike a good clean and, if you can’t elevate the entire bicycle, take the tyres off to avoid any nasty flat spots. 

The key to any good storage is to ensure every item is as clean as can be and stored in proper bags or boxes to avoid any further damage by being crushed by heavier objects. In terms of sporting equipment such as fishing reels, they will need a particularly good ‘take apart and clean every inch’ session. The last thing you want to smell when you open up your storage unit is the fishing trip from three months ago! Clean and grease the reels to avoid corrosion and make sure you’re storing the rods in their designated rod sleeves.

At StoreLocal Sunshine, we know how important the game is to you. Whether it’s a quick footy match with the boys on a Wednesday night after work, the weekly Sunday under 8’s coaching sessions or your annual big fishing trip, you can rest assured knowing your gear is safe and secure with us. Accessing sport equipment storage is made easy with our online reservations system. Find the right sized unit for you and only pay for what you need — that’s our Right Size Guarantee! If you’re not entirely sure how much space you need, give the friendly team a call and we can help you with a customised quote to make sure your storage needs are met.