Storing Your Boat In Mordialloc

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Storing Your Boat In Mordialloc


It’s that time of year again when it’s a bit too cold to be using your boat! Those long winter months of biting winds and choppy water aren’t ideal for your normal adventures. Planning for your boat’s time off is important to ensure that your vessel remains in top condition, as a little neglect can go a long way, which is why storing it properly is so important. Marinas can often be an expensive option for storing your boat, luckily there are many affordable storage units located near you at StoreLocal Mordialloc. With a variety of unit sizes as well as outdoor space for larger vehicles, we have the perfect solution for your watercraft storage. Whether you are storing your boat for the winter months or for a few years, our team can help you with preparing your boat and advising you on the right storage solution for your situation.


Finding A Secure Space To Store Your Boat


Your boat may be one of your most prized possessions, so finding a secure location with good coverage is a top priority. If you’re looking for Mordialloc boat storage, look no further than StoreLocal. We have a large variety of unit sizes, so you’ll find an appropriate watercraft storage option no matter how big it is. Store anything from your beloved dinghy to the family fishing boat or even the jet skis! Whether you are planning to store your boat for the short term or long term, the vessel will need to be prepared properly to ensure no damage occurs while it is not in use. Not feeling particularly confident about preparing your boat for storage? Check out
this useful article with steps for preparing your boat for different types of storage, whether it is indoor or outdoor at a storage facility or parked at your own property.

Prepping Your Boat For Self Storage

If you are an experienced boat owner, you know that preparing and caring for your watercraft can involve a lot of work and TLC. There are quite a few steps to ensure your boat remains clean and doesn’t have any nasty surprises, like mould or rust. Some more useful tips as well as pros and cons to consider for storage are available

Now that you have decided to store your boat, let’s get started on a step by step breakdown for cleaning and preparing your boat. 

Here’s how to prepare your boat for long term storage: 

  1. While we may think every boat is pretty much the same, it is important to consult the owner’s manual that came with your boat for the specifics of cleaning particular parts. Now is also a good time to ensure you are up to date with your boat’s maintenance checks. All sorted? Let’s get started on cleaning!

  2. First thing’s first — we need to empty the bilge! It is vital to make sure that any excess water has been removed before storing your boat. You should also clean the bilge with a stiff wire brush and spray it with a mixture of lubricant and antifreeze to help prevent corrosion.
  3. Clean the hull — barnacles and other marine life that may have made your boat’s hull home need to be cleaned off to ensure they don’t damage your boat when it is sitting dry in storage.

  4. Prepare the engine — this is an integral part of preparing your boat for storage. Check wire connections, hosing, perform an oil change and replace the filters. You may also want to look into replacing the antifreeze and fueling up the engine to avoid water vapour coming in and causing serious damage. We recommend consulting the owner’s manual to ensure you are prepping your particular boat’s engine properly.

  5. Disconnect and remove the battery — similar to long term car storage, disconnecting the battery will ensure it doesn’t run flat and remains in good working order.

  6. Clean the seating and other internal areas of your boat — wipe down the vinyl, give the floor a good scrub to make sure there’s no fishy odours or mess left. We don’t want anything smelly accumulating in storage and ruining your valuable vessel.

  7. Find a safe, secure and clean storage facility — with both outdoor and indoor storage available depending on the size of your boat, StoreLocal Mordialloc is here to help! Reserve your unit online and let us keep your boat safe during the times you aren’t using it. With 24/7 access, you can take out your boat whenever suits you – early morning fishing trip, anyone?

At StoreLocal Mordialloc, access undercover storage with ease through our online booking system. No matter how long you would like to store, or how big or small your watercraft is, we have the perfect storage solution for you. With our Right Size Guarantee, you will never pay for space you’re not using! Depending on which storage unit you choose, you can also opt to cover your boat from the elements. Boat storage made easy with StoreLocal Mordialloc. Contact the team today!